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  • FRABILL Portable Aerator W26.5PV

    FRABILL Portable Aerator W26.5PV

    Featuring a wide range, the Frabill Aerator range has something for every angler! With a range of portable quiet aerators to larger units suitable for large live bait storage spaces, these units have been designed to operate with minimal noise and can...

  • Frabill Portable Aerator - Quiet Aeration System

    Frabill Portable Aerator - Quiet Aeration System

    This pocket-sized portable aerator quiets noises that might otherwise spook fish. Keep bait healthy, and keep the water quiet. Just like it should be. Ready-to-use out of the box (just add batteries), the kit includes an aerator, hose and stone and...

2 of 2 Items