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    13 Fishing Omen Quest Surf Fishing Rod

    13 Fishing Omen Quest Surf Fishing Rod

    Take on the challenges of the wild. Building on the prestigious legacy of the Omen series, the Omen Quest is your guide to the untamed. The Omen Quest is a 4pcs rod range built to suit the shore anglers. Ideally suited to casting lures off beaches or...

    $153.30 - $188.30
  • Daiwa BEEFSTICK Fishing Rod

    Daiwa BEEFSTICK Fishing Rod

    Tradition meets contemporary looks and styling with the release of the new Daiwa Beefstick. With homage to the traditional solid tip fibreglass rods of the past, Daiwa gives the much-loved workhorse a makeover to deliver anglers a rod series that doesn't...

    $49.99 - $99.99
2 of 2 Items